Friday, March 29, 2013

The Challenges of Installing Home Theatre On Your Own

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Have you ever tried to install a home theatre system on your own and had no problem with it? Well I’ve tried and let me tell you, it’s no simple task. If you buy a very simple and basic home theatre or sound system, I can see how you might be able to install it without pulling your hair out because it’s a much easier job. However, if you buy a more sophisticated home theatre system, you will see that it is not at all easy to install on your own. In this article, I will be telling you about the problems and complications that I faced when I tried to do just that. 

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For years, I’ve always wanted to get a premier home theatre for my house and I had my eyes laid on the Yamaha YHT 895 with a 56 inch screen size plasma TV. With six HDMI ports, more than 8 speakers and a woofer bigger than my CPU box, it was a bargain and just what I was looking for. Although the Radio Shack salesperson suggested that I hire an installation expert, I decided to try it on my own. I had installed a home theatre system before and I was confident that it wouldn’t be any trouble at all. How wrong I was.

The very first problem that I had in the installation of the system was to actually understand the manual. The manual was a big book and it had some amazing pictures with details. However, even though they were written in English, I was having a tough time making heads or tails of them. It might as well have been in Spanish with the trouble I was having. Going through the manual and understanding every detail took over an hour and once I just started to think I was getting somewhere, I realised that I’d made a mistake and had to start over. You need to make sure that you connect each and every wire to the correct ports, and it can be a very trial and error based process. Since most of the home theatre systems are now digitalised, you have to be really careful with the wiring system. I was also having problem with my old analogue TV antenna as well. I also didn’t know where to place the satellite speakers. As a result I was getting an echo and noise in the room whenever I played a movie or put on some music. I wasn’t able to enjoy the system at all and decided to call for professional help.

Lucky for me, there are hundreds of professionals who install home theatre systems. I just searched Google for ‘Home Theatre Installation Brisbane’ and found a number of service providers that were close by. They were very professional, came to fix the problems quickly and I was finally getting the result I was expecting from the home theatre system. The technicians also replaced my old analogue TV antenna with a digital one as well.

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