Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Demand for Digital Ready VHF/UHF Antennas Rises up as Australia Switches to Digital Broadcasting

Like most other developed countries, Australia has also joined in the bandwagon of digital TV broadcasting and gradually switching to this “digital format only” strategy. While some parts of Australia has both analogue and digital signals for TV broadcasting, the concerned authorities have decided to phase out or switch off the analog signals across the country by the end of 2013. It means that Australian TV Channels will be broadcasted using digital-only signals and there will be no analogue signals in 2014. While the switch was evident and needed for a long while, it might create a few problems for the people who are not ready for the change.

According to a recent survey in Perth, approximately 12.9% of the total population will face problems due to this switch over. These people have been using televisions which were manufactured a long time ago and they didn’t include the features to receive digital TV signals. While they have been a reliable and cost effective mean for TV entertainment, they will become absolutely useless as there will be no analogue broadcasting from January 2014. In this backdrop, those people will need to buy a digital TV which might cost them a big fortune.

Once the TV broadcasting is switched to digital format, people will get access to the existing channels as well as lots of new free-to-air channels along with Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) services. The picture quality and viewing experience will be ten times better since it uses a stronger frequency for broadcasting. With better and stress free TV viewing, people will also get access to Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and also watch TV and movies in widescreen as well. This is a must initiative for Australian broadcasting authorities to keep up-to-date with the international technology and also free up frequency space.

However, the people in the audience must make sure that they have digital TV so that they can adapt to this expensive changeover. Nevertheless, the government is providing a couple of schemes and subsidy for this initiative which will help the common people. In addition, there are a few cost effective digital set top boxes and digital ready VHF/UHF antennas which can ensure stress free TV viewing without even buying an expensive TV. Also on digital signal, people will need to make sure that they receive a strong signal unless which they won’t see the difference.

Even the most advanced and sophisticated TV will not show you a good video if it doesn’t get good signal. If you live in a place with poor signal, you must buy a good quality digital ready VHF/UHF antenna. If the people see that the picture quality is also not up to the mark and they are seeing static or flicker in the videos, it is also a clear sign that they either need to buy a new antenna or install the old one properly. In case they are from a remote place, they might also need boosters or amplifiers as well. The positioning and overall installation of an antenna is also very critical. If you see that you are not able to install it properly or not getting quality picture, you should call a professional antenna installer who might solve your problem. A typical professional antenna installer can provide you a wide range of services including installing digital ready antenna & roof mount, confirm digital reception quality. Just look for professional antenna service with the name of your city e.g. Brisbane in Google and you will get them in no time.