Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What is the reason for reality TV’s dominance in Australia?

Without any doubt, reality TV is dominating television programming in Australia. We are constantly seeing programs like MasterChefThe BlockThe BachelorThe Biggest Loser and Big Brother at the top of our ratings. While reality television has been around for some time, you could argue that is has never been more relevant than at present. What is the reason for this? As outlined by Kerrie Murphy, reality TV ‘reflects television’s own struggle with alternative media outlets. (It has) offered free to air stations a unique and importantly cheap form of programming’.

Certainly, the notion of tuning into the same television program every week has naturally been phased out as a result of series downloads being available online. Why bother having to plan your life around a TV show and putting up with ads? Plus, missing just a single week can put you well behind the 8-ball in terms of plot. Audiences generally prefer to download television programs - particularly drams - and with technology allowing people to easily connect a laptop to a home theatre, they can be viewed on a big screen in high definition.

TV networks are seeing fewer viewing numbers for serious TV dramas that are rife with plot arcs over a number of episodes and complex characters. To casually turn on the television and trying to watch these kinds of programs without starting from the beginning is a bit like opening a book in the middle and trying to make heads and/or tails of the plot. People are more willing to watch programs that are more self contained and don’t require all that much concentration (which helps viewers easily tune out for commercials). Cop dramas such as CSI work because each episode works within itself, much like a sit-com.

Reality television has become increasingly popular and now dominates our ratings for peak times and ultimately it’s been changes in our viewing habits and the impact of other mediums that has been responsible for the shift.

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