Friday, January 31, 2014

How Upgrading to A Complete Home Theatre Installation will Transform Your Viewing Pleasure

Not in the far too distant past, the idea of having a large room specifically dedicated to home entertainment was a distant dream for many people. Today’s advancements in technology have allowed many high end systems to become available to the general public to feast their eyes on the latest in entertainment options. There are many different systems on the market to choose from today, so here is a run-down of the essential kit you simply must have to transform your movie watching into a true theatre experience with a complete home theatre setup.

One of the first pieces of kit you simply must have is one of the latest large screen televisions for all of your visual pleasure. There are a few different technologies available for you to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. Is movie watching and video games is what you live for, then a HD (High Definition) TV is a must. The majority of televisions made today are all HD which comes in two varieties: HD 720p and Full HD 1080p. The price of full HD televisions sets has come down to very reasonable prices, so unless you are on an extremely low budget, go for full HD to reward your eyes with visual fidelity.

Img: Samsung

LCD HDTVs are the most popular choice right now, with many sets costing less than $350 for a relatively large screen. Whilst LCD TVs are great for their price, the technologies have moved on in recent years to LED and OLED TVs which gives greater contrast ratios, richer colours as well as faster refresh rates when viewing fast-moving action or sport. Plasma screens are an older technology that is useful when a huge screen is needed. It tends to be far too expensive to make large LCD, LED or OLED televisions, so Plasma is your choice if you need a screen larger than 60”.

3D televisions have also made great strides in technology to give us some of the most immersive film and video game entertainment ever experienced. The majority of 3DTVs come with the necessary glasses needed to enjoy 3D films and games, as well as being able to watch and enjoy films, TV and games in standard non-3D formats. Additional 3D glasses can be bought for when friends come over to watch the big game, or for family movie night with the kids.

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To go with your television you will need to create a simply stunning aural treat for your ears. This is where a surround sound system comes in to give you a truly immersive experience that matches the best theatres out there. Whilst a traditional 5.1 surround sound system can be bought for an amazingly cheap price, to truly get the best out of your movies in the audio department you might want to opt for a larger 7.1 surround sound system.

Systems are available that support the Dolby surround sound system, as well as the THQ system (both of which are widely used in cinemas and theatres) both different systems will give you exceptional sound quality, especially if you take advantage of the latest in optical audio connections. You will need a surround sound amplifier to feed the range of speakers, so choosing the latest Blu-Ray player, or gaming console such as the PlayStation 4 that includes a player built in will save you money on buying multiple systems.

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That brings us on nicely to video gaming on your home theatre system. With a choice of the latest games consoles like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo WiiU to choose from, you will be able to play the latest and greatest games in full HD. Both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 feature Blu-Ray movie playback, as well as featuring the ability to play 3D movies and games. This makes those consoles a bargain buy for anyone wishing to expand their home theatre system on a smaller budget.

Using the help of a professional installer to guide you through the process will offer you many advantages along the way. Not only can a professional offer advice on the types of cables and connection you may need to fully take advantage of your home theatre setup, but making use of a local engineer will help you resolve any small problems you may face in the future. There are many professional home theatre installation services in Brisbane, so do your homework and find a local expert to offer the best advice.

So with your new home entertainment system comprising of the latest LED or 3DTV to watch the latest blockbuster films, an audibly crisp 7.1 surround sound system to enjoy all of your music and the latest video game console you can start to experience entertainment on another level. With a range of smaller kits to choose from all the way up to a complete customised solution, you can always add to your home theatre to make it the envy of the local cinema.